Welcome to Caelan Wright & Associates Ltd.

Caelan Wright is a differentiated, dedicated and committed "customer touch" expert, focusing pre-dominantly within the finanical sectors of insurance and banking. We are a multi-functional business with capabilities including:

  • Call Center / Contact Center
    Direct Marketing & Telemarketing
    Direct Mail
    Distribution Consultancy, Implementation and Management
    CRM Solution & Implementation
    Analytics & Data Management
    Recruitment & Training
    Product Design & Development
    Underwriting Tools and Expertise
    Financing Solutions

We are one of the leading providers of holistic call center solutions and Direct Marketing services in Thailand and across Asia. We work closely with our clients to assist them achieve the degree of success they are desiring.

Caelan Wright delivers a rare mix of outstanding quality services, whilst maintaining a personalised service second to none. With our Company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, we offer bespoke call center solutions using a unique blend of live dedicated and bureau agents and automated response services.

If you are looking for call center solutions, Caelan Wright offer both Inbound/ outbound call center services and related value added capabilities for the Asia Pacific Region including:

Telemarketing Campaigns, Customer Service, Overflow, Out of Hours and Fulfilment Services, Off-shoring, Call Center builds/re-engineering, Voice Broadcasting database management and cleansing, data entry and transcriptions.

As a customer touch specialist, with our wealth of experience in call centers and client portfolio, we seek to add value and profitability to all our client relationships, irrespective of industry - from Blue Chip Multi National Corporations to SME's.

Our Vision

"To intimately work with our partners in long term, mutually profitable and sustainable relationships offering knowledge, expertise and resource to enable our partners business objectives to be exceeded and ultimately become a leader of industry"


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